Video: MiniDrones vs Evil Remote Control Cars

Short videos of RC vehicles doing blockbuster movie-like stunts are all the rage these days. One of the latest ones is a mini-story involving some plucky little RC toys desperately trying to ferry a shipment of fresh batteries to a teddy bear in desperate need of some new AAs.

It’s sort of like Mad Max crossed with Transformers, shrunken down to 1:10 scale.
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Neiman Marcus’ Slot Mods USA $300,000 slot car track

This year’s Neiman Marcus catalog, has, as usual, a bunch of stuff to drool over. However one thing in particular stands out if you happen to be a wealthy man-child. Slot Mods USA are a specialist company who build custom slot car tracks for rich people. They build replicas of famous racetracks, custom tracks built on top of classic cars, and basically anything your imagination can dream up. As long as it involves slot cars.

Slot Mods USA have built exquisite Scalextric tracks for the automotive world’s glitterati, including Jay Leno and Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Rahal. And for a mere $300,000 they will happily build a 1:32 scale replica of any racetrack in the world for anybody. In addition to building tracks for private individuals, the company also makes them for museums, advertising use, trade shows and corporate events.
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Video: Watch these RC off-roaders go on a woodland adventure

SXC10 RC off road models

There are some pretty cool RC car videos out there. Some might say they’re a pointless waste of time, and that’s fine. But unless you’re a Hollywood director who can do this. Equally, how many people in the world can hoon a Mk1 Ford Escort rally car on their own private dirt track when they want. This guy can. In 1/5th scale anyway.

This video of two RC off-roaders tackling a snow-covered trail is surprisingly realistic too. It features a pair of SCX10 models, one with a  Jeep Rubicon shell, the other with a Chevy Silverado body.
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Video: Epic RC Car Chase!

RC car chase

Some people have WAY to much time on their hands. And that’s fine by me, because without these gods of the frivolous we wouldn’t have awesome YouTube videos like this.

Take a couple of RC Ford Mustangs, throw in a few helicopters, tanks and dumper trucks and you’ve got the beginnings of a car chase any Hollywood studio would be proud of. Only trouble is you need a setting for your chase. Well that’s where a couple dozen cardboard boxes, a hot glue gun and some spray paint comes in handy, as you can knock up a suitably scaled-down town in a long weekend!
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1:5 Scale RC Mk1 Ford Escort Gets an Appropriate Sound Track

Ford Escort RC car

RC vehicles are fun. Very fun. And scale RC vehicles can be even more fun. However the trademark whine of electric motors or buzzing of nitrous engines always take the edge off the realism. The dedicated hobbyists at Headquake decided to do something about that by synchronizing video footage of a 1:5 scale hand built Mk1 Ford Escort RC car with the soundtrack of the real car doing its thing around a rally stage.
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Not All RC Cars Are Created Equal: Meet the Traxxas X0-1

Traxxas X0-1 radio controlled car

Whoever says messing around with RC cars isn’t fun, clearly has no sense of  joy left in their life. There’s something about the way you can live out your stuntman fantasies in 1:10 scale which makes them so appealing. Getting a few of them together, and setting up an impromptu off-road race through the back garden is one of the cheaper and more childishly enjoyable ways to kill a couple of hours on a weekend. But there’s nothing childish about the new Traxxas X0-1. In fact they won’t sell it to anyone under the age of 16! Not that many 16 year-olds will have the required $1,099 Traxxas are asking for it. Whereas most RC cars are the sort of thing you can get out for an hour or so, do your thing, and then put it away again for days or even weeks, the Traxxas X0-1 is meant for the sort of person who clocks up more miles in miniature than behind the wheel of a real car.

However the Traxxas X0-1’s real claim to fame is the fact it’s the fastest ready-to-run radio controlled car in the world. Straight out of the box it can do 100+ mph, and the 0-60 time of 2.3 seconds is faster than almost every single production supercar on the planet!
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