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Motion Code: Blue MY 50M Luxury Yacht Concept

The prolific Austrian yacht design firm, motion mode: blue, have just released the initial sketches of their latest project. Unlike their current Sentori line of watercraft, like the Sentori 84 S and the 58 R, which have both gone straight into production, the MY 50M is just a concept for now. However that doesn't mean it hasn’t been designed with production in mind, and the yacht can be built on request.

The main aim of the designers was to create a new shape for super yachts. One which was both modern, but also stylish and timeless. When the managing directors of mc:b had their first meeting with their clients, they were told: "We want a stunning design. If the yacht appears at port Hercules in Monaco, everyone should be overwhelmed. Design something like this." Continue

Wally//One Powerboat

The Wally//One is a new powerboat from the Monaco-based yacht manufacturers Wally. The Wally//One is the replacement vessel for the company's successful Wally//Tender model. It features better performance, more gadgets, superior comfort and extra space over its predecessor - which has been in production for a decade.

Anytime the words 'boat' and 'Monaco' are used in the same breath, you can be sure there is an unreasonably large price tag lurking somewhere near. The Wally//One is no exception, and prices start at whopping €580,000 EUR ($834,000 / £510,000). That's an awful lot of cash for a something that is described as a ‘day boat’. Continue

Sentori OPEN WATER 60 M Explorer Yacht
- News

If you’re a billionaire oceanographer in the market for a new yacht to explore the world’s oceans, from remote Pacific archipelagos to the deep waters of the Marianas trench, then the naval designers at motion code: blue would like to sit down for a chat. Their latest creation is a 60 meter (197 foot) explorer yacht which will be built by the Sentori Yacht Group.

The Sentori OPEN WATER 60 M is designed to offer all the amenities of a luxury yacht, combined with the ability to be self-sufficient during epic ocean-crossing journeys. The high bow is a distinctive sign of an explorer yacht, as it helps protect against the high waves of rough seas. As a bonus it gives the vessel an impressive appearance, especially useful when pulling into places like Monaco where hundreds of luxury yachts constantly vie for attention. Continue

Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu Speedboat - Boats
Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu Speedboat Concept
The Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu Speedboat is a conceptual design created by Ben Walsh. The concept is a 30-foot (9.1 meter) vessel which features an incredibly smooth and clean profile. Continue

2010 Sentori 50 L
The Sentori 50 L is a luxury flybridge motor yacht designed by motion code: blue. The 50 foot (15.3 meter) vessel is powered by two 900 hp engines. The styling was inspired by automobile design. Continue

The MAS 36 from Italian yacht design firm KEYFRAMESTUDIO is a 36 foot luxury powerboat with styling inspired by classic cars from the 1950s and 60s.

2010 U-Boat Worx C-Explorer
The C-Explorer is a versatile submersible from U-Boat Worx, a Dutch submersible manufacturer. The C-Explorer is available in 4 different models to suit different applications. Continue

Scubster Pedal Powered Submersible
The Scubster is a compact, pedal-powered submersible which was developed by a group of designers and engineers led by Frenchman Stephane Rousson. . Continue

2020 ARK Solar Boat
The ARK Solar Boat is an innovative design by the Finnish designer Janne leppanen. The ARK Solar Boat features a zero-emission electric power source, and environmentally friendly materials. Continue

2010 Sentori 50 R
The Sentori 50 R is a luxury flybridge motor yacht designed by motion code: blue. The styling was inspired by automobiles - specifically coupes, and the top deck features a versatile seating configuration. Continue

Scubacraft SC3
Creative Worldwide Ltd have unveiled a remarkable watercraft which is a mix of speed boat and submersible. Called the Scubacraft SC3 this amazing vehicle can travel at up to 50 mph on the water... Continue

2009 Lancia Powerboat
The Lancia Powerboat is the result of a collaboration between four Italian companies. Power comes from a pair of 560 horsepower engines.

2009 Sentori 58R
The Sentori 58R is a stylish flybridge motor yacht, with three decks, a length of about 18m and a displacement of 28 tons. power comes from a pair of 715 hp Volvo Penta diesel engines. Continue

Mides Design Green Jet
The Green Jet designed by Erik Sifrer of Mides Design is a wind and hydrogen powered luxury yacht.

1963 Corvette Inspired speed boat by Bo Zolland
This speed boat concept by Swedish designer Bo Zolland is styled to reflect the design of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

M Ship Co. M80 Stiletto - next generation warship

The Stiletto M80 from M Ship Co. based in San Diego, California is an advanced concept military vessel utilising a patented 'm' shaped hull constructed from carbon fibre to provide a stable and versatile platform for operating in shallow waters.

MORE on the Stiletto M80 >>

The Hammer superyacht from Guido de Groot is the ultimate in opulence. MORE on the Hammer Superyacht >>

The oddly named 118 Wallypower is a luxury yacht which melds technology and style... MORE on the Wallypower 118 Superyacht >>

The Hov Pod hovercraft is a user friendly recreational hovercraft MORE on the Hov Pod Hovercraft >>

With the invention of the PowerSki Jetboard waves are irrelevant. The Jetboard is capable of 40mph... MORE on the PowerSki Jetboard >>

The DelfJet waterscooter is capable of 15 mph over the water and 7.5 mph underwater...MORE on the Delfjet >>

The real James Bond Jet boat(s) all 15 of them... MORE on the Bond Jet boats >>

The Trilobis 65 is a conceptual offering from the Giancarlo Zema Design group... MORE on the Trilobis 65 >>

The 'Bionic Dolphins' are coming. Californian companies are producing an idea originating from the 1970's.
MORE on bionic dolphins >>

The Skysail promises reduced fuel costs and environmentaly friendly power for cargo vessels...
MORE on the Skysails >>

The Jellyfish 45 is a partialy submerged living habitat capable of housing 6 persons.
MORE on the Jellyfish 45 >>

The Uscull is a human powered submarine with the potential for a new type of underwater Olympic racing...
MORE on the Uscull >>

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Record breaking vehicles are some of the most important vehicles in the world. Information gathered from the advanced technology needed to make these extreme machines filters down to the common vehicles we see everyday:

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Sometimes a design can display an outstanding ability to attract or repulse.
In this new section we explore some of the most memorable - and unique - designs of all time in: Beautiful and ugly machines.

ideas on artificial intelligence

I'Robot Film promotionOver the past couple of decades, much work and progress have been made in the pursuit of creating artificial minds and life-like humanoid movement. Researchers from many different nations have experimented with recreating realistic human characteristics with some success...

Read more from this speculative article on artificial intelligence

ASIMO Honda's robot

Advanced Helmet Design

No this isn't the Master Chief's helmet from X-Boxs' Halo. This is BMW's idea of what an off-road helmet should be. See this and other advanced helmet designs here.

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