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Trilobis 65 - luxury yacht with submerged viewing lounge

The Trilobis 65 is a conceptual offering from the Giancarlo Zema Design group.

The 2001 concept is a luxury 6 person yacht with an underwater viewing lounge, the concept behind the Trilobis is one of harmony with nature and as such the yacht is offered with several alternate power sources, Ballard fuel cells, solar, wind, and less environmentally friendly, diesel.

The 20m Trilobis is divided into 4 separate levels connected by a central spiral staircase.

The lower level is an underwater observation bubble with 360 degree views. The next level, which is partially submerged is the sleeping level. Above this is the main deck with most of the important home comforts, followed by one more smaller level above that.

The Trilobis is a craft more suited to quiet seas and calm bays, it is the designers vision that many of the Trilobis could be linked together to form floating communities which could travel independently of one another when the will arises.

Trilobis 65

Trilobis 65

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