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Honda Kiwami

Honda Kiwami interior

Honda Kiwami interior
Make Honda
Model Kiwami
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine Fuel cell

The Honda Kiwami from the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show is a large saloon car with extremely pronounced angular styling.

The Kiwami is not a beautiful vehicle in the classic sense, but it is certainly striking. When seen side on it is almost a cross between a Lamborghini murcielago, an MPV and an oriental dinner set.

The Kiwami is powered by a Honda hydrogen fuel cell running a DC electric motor. The low slung layout and positioning of the fuel cell drive system gives the Kiwami a low center of gravity and more head room for the passengers. The interior is plain and simple with no frivolous extras, and shares a minimalist feel identical to the exterior.

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