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Hyundai Neos

Hyundai Neos

Make Hyundai
Model Neos
Concept year 2000
Production year -
Engine 2.0 litre

The Hyundai Neos introduced at the 2000 Paris Motor Show was a stunning and dynamic concept designed to show the world that Hyundai could produce interesting and technically advanced cars.

The styling of the Neos was influenced by vehicles like the Plymouth Prowler and Light Car Company Rocket, and its hod-rod styling was backed up by a mid-mounted 2 litre 250 bhp engine concealed by the aluminium and composite bodywork.

Despite being one of Hyundai's best looking cars, the extravagant styling guaranteed the Neos would never make production.

Incidentally Neos stands for, New Evolution Open Sportscar.

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