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Hyundai QarmaQ concept car

Hyundai QarmaQ concept car

Hyundai QarmaQ concept car

Hyundai QarmaQ concept car interior
Make Hyundai
Model QarmaQ
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine -

The Hyundai QarmaQ concept presented at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show was built in conjunction with GE Plastics who helped in creating the mostly plastic and composite-construction QarmaQ. The concept helps to demonstrate the design freedom and practicality of using plastics in components traditionally manufactured from metal, glass, and thermosets.

Among the benefits of using materials from GE Plastics in constructing the QarmaQ are a weight reduction of up to 60 kg that can offer an average fuel savings of up to 80 litres/year; improved pedestrian safety; and the ability to create complex, 3D shapes.

Energy-absorbing structures and the natural properties of GE's plastics are seamlessly integrated into the futuristic styling of the Hyundai QarmaQ. Different impact zones on the car correlate to the various areas of a pedestrian's body likely to be contacted in a collision.

Movable side glazing and a panoramic sunroof help treat the occupants to an all-around open-air experience, Lexan side glazing is specially treated to provide an abrasion-resistant and weatherable glass-like layer on the surface.

The Integrated lift gate of the Hyundai QarmaQ was designed as a working subassembly, the rear lighting, wiring, sensors, and all the necessary electronics are integrated into the lift gate. The dramatically shaped glazing demonstrated on the system is made from material found on the side windows.

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