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Mazda Kusabi with the doors and gullwing trunk open

Mazda Kusabi back view

Mazda Kusabi sketch
Make Mazda
Model Kusabi
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine 1.6 litre diesel

The Mazda Kusabi is a styling exercise by Mazda predominantly using wedge shaped styling lines.

The roof line of the Kusabi slopes down from its highest point at the windscreen. And because of this, the roof line is too low to allow easy access, so the door cuts into the roof, similar to, but less pronounced than, the Ford GT's doors.
The hatchback at the back opens in a unique gullwing fashion to allow access to the boot.

The front of the Kusabi has a hint of the trademark Mazda front end, using a five point grille to house the Mazda badge.
The exaggerated extended wheel arches cover 17 inch wheels turned by an unspectacular 107 bhp in-line 4 cylinder diesel engine.

Inside the Kusabi the black fabrics are set off by aluminium and polished surfaces giving the interior a machined feel.

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