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Renault Laguna Coupe

Renault Laguna Coupe

Renault Laguna Coupe interior
Make Renault
Model Laguna Coupe
Concept year 2007
Production year 2008 - 2009
Engine -

The Renault Laguna Coupe concept was a development of the Renault Fluence concept from 2004. The simple yet attractive design is far from groundbreaking yet it also elevates Renault's styling into a more premium sector. The bold lines give the concept a sturdy appearance, while the rear view has an almost Aston Martin-like appearance. From the front the conservative styling is not easily identifiable as being a Renault product, and without the prominent central badge the styling could be mistaken for belonging to a Japanese maker.

Inside the Laguna Coupe concept the interior features more radical styling while also retaining a functional appearance.

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