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Aerfer Ariete

Aerfer Ariete

The Aerfer Ariete was a sleek-looking prototype aircraft developed in Italy in the late 1950s. It was a development of an earlier aircraft, the Aerfer Sagittario 2, and featured a dual-engine setup designed to improve performance.

The single-seat Aerfer Ariete (Italian for Ram) first flew in 1958. It was designed to be a precursor to a mass-production fighter aircraft. It was primarily powered by a Rolls-Royce Derwent 9 turbojet engine, but a second, smaller Rolls-Royce Soar turbojet was also installed to provide additional thrust either during climbs or high-speed maneuvers. This second engine used a retractable intake located just ahead of the tail, and it vented through the rear exhaust.

Top speed of the Ariete was 675 mph and it had a service ceiling of 39,360 ft (12,000 m). The proposed armament for the aircraft was a pair of 30 mm HDD-825 cannons.

Two examples of the Aerfer Ariete were ordered, in the end only one was completed in time for test flights. During the initial round of testing the Ariete failed to live up to expectations. Briefly the prototypes were considered for a comprehensive redesign for the "Leone" project, which would have seen the smaller jet engines replaced with a more powerful rocket motor. But this idea never went further than the planning stage.

The second of the two Aerfer Arietes built, designation MM569, still exists and is on display at the Aeronautica Militare air museum in Italy.

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Aerfer Ariete
Aerfer Ariete
Aerfer Ariete

Aerfer Ariete
Aerfer Ariete
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