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The Amfibidiver is the creation of Belgian inventor Rene Baldewijns. The Amfibidiver is able to drive on land, float and maneuver on the water like a boat, and submerge and navigate like a submarine.

The two seat Amfibidiver was constructed by Rene and some interested helpers using backyard engineering and ingenuity. The Amphibidiver is made up from a variety of assorted parts, including; the fuel tank of an airplane, two bicycles, the motors from five electric wheelchairs, the hull of a sailing boat, seven drink containers, several kilos of resin, a few garden seats and several miles of electrical cables. A mixed lot to go with its mixed abilities.

The Amfibidiver is a 'wet' submarine, meaning the occupants must wear scuba gear and sit in water whilst in the Amphibidiver.

The Amfibidiver is a one-of-a-kind fully working concept, currently residing in the Land, Sea and Air museum in the UK.

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Amfibidiver cockpit

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