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The ConvAirCar was designed by the American Industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss in 1947 for the aviation company Consolidated-Vultee.

As far as flying cars go the ConvAirCar was about as true to the name as possible. It quite literally was a car which towed its wings and engine/propellor unit behind it when on the road, and when at the airport the car bit is connected to the airplane bit and off you go.

While the original idea, considering its age, was quite brilliant. Unfortunately a crash which occurred only 3 weeks after its first flight, and the resulting negative media quickly put any potential investors and customers off the project.

The car section of the ConvAirCar comprised of a lightweight fiberglass body wrapped around a four-seat platform. Power came from a rather weedy 25 horsepower Crosley engine. The aircraft section featured a 190 horsepower Lycoming aero engine.

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