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Handley Page HP.75 Manx

Handley Page HP.75 Manx

Handley Page HP.75 Manx

Handley Page HP.75 Manx

The HP.75 was an unusual flying-wing aircraft developed by the British aircraft manufacturer Handley Page during the Second World War.

The Handley Page HP.75 was later renamed the Manx - after the tailless species of cat. It first flew on 25th June 1943, piloted by J.F. Marsh.

The Handley Page HP.75 Manx proved to be a difficult aircraft to fly. It was particularly hard to keep the Manx stable in the pitch axis.

The Manx had a crew of two, a pilot and a flight test observer. The observer sat facing rearward, and accessed the aircraft through the hinged tail section.

The ultimate goal of the Handley Page HP.75 Manx was to assist in the development of a much larger aircraft to be used as a military bomber, and/or a civilian airliner.

Sadly, after the aircraft's primary flight crew was killed in an accident while testing a different aircraft, the Manx program stalled. It hadn't been going brilliantly anyway.

The aircraft was finally scrapped in 1952.

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