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The Land Walker exoskeleton is a product of Japanese company sakakibara-kikai. Used mainly for product promotion and displays, the intimidating weaponry fires nothing more than harmless soft plastic balls. And with a top speed of just 1mph it's not going to replace the wheel just yet.

However, standing over 3 metres in height, and weighing in at 1,000kg (2,205 lbs) the Land Walker's shuffling gait is an impressive sight to behold. Although it would probably run into problems with anything but a completely smooth surface.

The single seat Land Walker is powered by a 250 cc engine and movement is controlled by four foot pedals. P.A. Technology supplied the computer software which helps to control the Land Walker's movement.

If you want to get your hands on your own moon-walking Land Walker exoskeleton, the asking price is in the region of $350,000 (£185,000).

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Land-Walker exoskeleton

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