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Moller M200G

Moller M200G

Moller M200G

Considering the Moller M200G was unveiled in 1974, and it was supposed to herald the imminent arrival of the flying car, progress has been excruciatingly slow since. Nearly 40 years later and they're only just now becoming commercially available.

The M200G relies on 8 ducted fan propellors for flight, and it can carry a maximum of two people. Control of the vehicle is through a computer controlled fly-by-wire system developed by Moller.

The only downside to the M200G, aside from the $90,000 (£55,000) price tag, is the fact the maximum altitude is just 10 feet (3 metres)! However this does mean that no pilots license is needed.

Maximum speed of the M200G is around 50mph.

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