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2007 BMW 335i 

2007 BMW 335i 
        Coupe front view

2007 BMW 335i 

2007 BMW 335i 
        Coupe rear view

2007 BMW 335i 

2007 BMW 335i 
        Coupe interior

Year (of specifications) 2007
Engine 3 litre inline 6 cyl twin turbo
Transmission 6-speed, RWD
Max speed 150 mph limited
0-60 mph 5.3 seconds
Horsepower 300 bhp
weight -

The 2007 model BMW 3 Series Coupe is, like most recent BMW designs, slightly controversial. Many will love it, and an equal number will see flaws in every panel. The miss-matched rear lights, and the somehow unusual door lines being the most likely suspects for criticism.

However, one aspect of the new BMW 335i Coupe which is undoubtedly a step in the right direction is the 3 litre, twin turbocharged, in-line 6 cylinder engine which makes 300 horsepower and 300 ft lbs of torque. By turbocharging the 6 cylinder engine BMW have created an engine which weighs around 70 kgs (150 lbs) less than a similar power 8 cylinder engine. Also by using each small turbo to power 3 of the 6 cylinder s turbo lag has been practically eliminated. A feat which would have been much harder to achieve with a single, larger turbo feeding all 6 cylinder s.

Transferring power to the rear wheels is a standard six-speed manual transmission, or an automatic six-speed STEPTRONIC gearbox is also available with steering wheel mounted paddles. The automatic option on the 2007 BMW 335i also features an innovative torque converter and improved software to enhance shift response time.

With a 50-50 weight distribution, double-pivot front suspension, multi-link rear suspension, aluminum spring struts, BMW's Active Steering technology, and a stiff chassis the 2007 BMW 3 Series Coupe has a highly advanced and rigid chassis and suspension setup which is further complimented by the high-performance brakes equipped with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). DSC counteracts brake fade by increasing brake pressure without the need for the driver to apply further pressure to the brake pedal. But like any good drivers car this electronic assistant can be switched off.

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