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2005 BMW M6

2006 BMW M6 rear

2006 BMW M side

2006 BMW M interior

Year (of specifications) 2006
Engine 4999 cc V10
Transmission 7-speed, paddle shift manual
Max speed 155 mph limited
0-60 mph 4.6 seconds
Horsepower 501 bhp @ 7750 rpm
weight 1710 kg

The 2006 BMW M6 shares its drivetrain with the BMW M5. The longitudinally mounted V10 engine produces 500 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque. This is mated to a seven-speed SMG transmission. In true 'M' fashion, the chassis of the M6 has been engineered to keep up with the power hike while the exterior enhancements are subtle, but visible.

Together with the upgraded suspension package engineered for sporting performance, the powerful engine gives the BMW M6 all the traits of a thoroughbred sports tourer. But unlike most of its class competitors, the BMW M6 comes with all the space and comfort of a typical 2+2-seater.

Inside, the 2006 BMW M6 comes with fully adjustable M sports seats that include lumbar support and an adjustable backrest width as standard. They are covered in extended Merino leather, with the owner able to choose between Black, Silverstone or Sepang.

The M6 also features BMW M's version of the new Head-up Display system. Unlike the standard Head-up Display available on 5 and 6 Series models that offers navigation instructions and cruise control information, the system on the M6 projects driver-focussed information such as engine speed, gear selected and road speed directly into the driverís view, obviating the need for the driver to take his or her eyes off the road ahead.

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