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BMW M6 Convertible

BMW M6 Convertible

BMW M6 Convertible

BMW M6 Convertible

BMW M6 Convertible interior

Year (of specifications) 2007
Engine 4999 cc V10
Transmission 7-speed, paddle shift manual
Max speed 155 mph limited
0-60 mph 4.8 seconds
Horsepower 507 bhp @ 7750 rpm
weight 2005 kg / 4419 lbs

The world-famous M division of BMW, has applied its tuning skills to the 6 Series convertible to create the M6 Cabriolet.

Powered by the same award winning, 5.0 litre, V10 engine found in the BMW M6 coupe, the 2007 BMW M6 convertible has 507 horsepower @ 7,750 rpm, and 383 ft-lbs of torque @ 6,100 rpm. This gives the M6 convertible a 0-60 mph time of 4.8 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

The M6 Convertible's suspension has been developed to offer superior handling, and the 7-speed SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox) has been fitted as standard.

The Convertible M6 is actually a couple inches longer than the standard 6 series drop-top due to a more pronounced rear valence incorporating a rear air diffuser for optimum aerodynamics. The rear end also features the M division's trademark quadruple exhaust outlets.

The roof of the BMW M6 convertible is made of three layers. A special noise and heat insulating layer of polyurethane (PUR) foam comes between the rubberized outer layer and the interior roof lining. Thanks to its unique fin-roof look, the soft top boasts the same dynamic contours as the Coupe. The wide C-pillar is characterised by BMWs famous Hofmeister kick.

A vertically positioned rear window can be electrically adjusted to move up or down, regardless of whether the roof itself is open or closed. The roof itself can be opened or closed either by remote control or via a button on the instrument panel with the entire process either way taking less than 25 seconds.

The interior of the BMW M6 Convertible plays host to a wide range of stylish and practical features. Due its driver-oriented cockpit, all essential functions are positioned either on or around the steering wheel. The iDrive controller, housed on the centre console, is positioned for access by both driver and front passenger, and can be used to activate and operate a wide range of comfort functions via the Control Display. The Control Display comes with an enhanced menu guidance which also features MDrive management.

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