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BMW Z4 M Coupe

BMW Z4 M Coupe

BMW Z4 M Coupe

BMW Z4 M Coupe

Year (of specifications) 2006
Engine 3.2 litre inline 6 cylinder
Transmission 6 speed Manual RWD
Max speed 155 mph limited
0-60 mph 5.0 seconds
Horsepower 343 bhp @ 7900 rpm
weight 1417 kg / 3124 lbs

The famous 'M' division of BMW has worked over the Z4 Coupé due mid 2006. The original convertible Z4 was a great looking little roadster, and fortunately the coupe version has retained similar appeal.

The design itself is a development of the controversial 'Flame surfacing' design style first seen on the BMW X Coupe concept from 2001, albeit much more refined.

Powered by a 3.2-litre straight-six M power unit developing 343 horsepower (252 kW) and 269 lb ft (365 Nm) of torque, as used in the BMW M3, the Z4 M Coupe hits 60 mph in just 5 seconds, going on to a top speed of 155 mph (electronically limited). To halt the proceedings, The Z4 M Coupe is stopped by brakes taken from the M3 CSL.

As far as handling is concerned, the BMW Z4 M Coupe has a chassis with almost double the torsional rigidity of the previous Z3 M Coupe, which no doubt helped it in posting faster lap times than the Z4 M Roadster and the BMW M3 on the Nurburgring.

The Z4 M Coupe has entered a market with some pretty stiff competition, the Porsche Cayman S being one of the best sport coupes on the market. However the Z4 M Coupe, despite being 79 kg (176 lbs) heavier, develops almost 50 horsepower more, resulting in a higher power to weight ratio, and gets to 60 mph 0.2 seconds faster.

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