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        Champion 1967

        Champion 1967

        Champion 1967

        Champion 1967

Year (of specifications) 2005
Engine 4941 cc BMW M5 V8
Transmission 6 speed sequential RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 450 bhp
weight 1175 kg / 2643 lbs

The Hulme.F1 Champion 1967 was developed in secrecy secrecy for two years before its existence was revealed in march 2005.

Supercars Limited Named the car in honour of New Zealand’s only Formula One World Champion Denny Hulme.

The Hulme.F1 Champion 1967 is a gorgeous and unique machine designed for road use. It's nice to see some originality now and then.

The concept version of the Hulme. F1 Champion supercar is of mid-engine design, integrating a high-tech powertrain, clothed in a carbon fiber and composite material body.

The Hulme.F1 is powered by a modified BMW M5 engine joined to a specially designed transaxle.

Supercars Limited plans to produce a number of Hulme.F1's for crash testing. Development of the car started in 2006. In 2009 the first road going model was finished. This car was renamed the Hulme CanAm.

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