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Maserati MC12

Maserati MC12

Year 2004 - 2005
Engine 5998 cc 12 cylinder
Transmission 6-speed, paddle shift
Max speed 205 mph
0-60 mph 3.8 seconds
Horsepower 621 bhp @ 7500 rpm
weight 1445 kg

The Maserati MC12 is essentially a rebodied Ferrari Enzo with a higher price tag. The Maserati is a less sophisticated and technologically advanced car than the Enzo, although it is more exclusive, as if the Enzo wasn't exclusive enough.

Interestingly, although it isn't an official Maserati design, a conceptual Maserati supercar to match the Enzo's replacement - the Ferrari LaFerrari - was proposed in 2014 called the Maserati LaMaserati.

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