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Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB)

Entry Seated in open water
Max Depth 40 ft, 14 m
Top Speed 2.5 knots
Weight 44 kg, 96 lbs
Max Personel Capacity 1 including pilot

The Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB) is a personal underwater scooter which uses scuba gear attached to the front of the craft as an air supply. The pilot sits on the small seat with their head covered by the acrylic 'bubble' above.
Powered by a 35 lb thrust electric motor, the Breathing observation Bubble is capable of 2.5 knots. Simple to operate, BOB only requires a few minutes training before novices can begin exploring the undersea world.


Review by Andrew JS Sneath:
BOB, the Breathing Observation Bubble is back in production., founded by the original BOB designer Andrew Sneath, is
building HydroBOB.

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