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Deep Flight Super Falcon

Deep Flight Super Falcon

Deep Flight Super Falcon

Entry top hatches
Max Depth 304 metres / 1000 feet
Top Speed 6 knots / 7 mph
Weight 1,818 kgs / 4,000 lbs
Max Personnel Capacity 2 including pilot

The Super Falcon is a two person submersible from Deep Flight, a company specializing in submersible watercraft which rely on the principle of aquatic flight for directional and depth control.

Deep Flight have been producing these strange winged watercraft since the late 1990s. The company, which was founded by a renowned submersible engineer called Graham Hawkes, is now currently producing its 5th generation of Deep Flight submersibles.

The Deep Flight Super Falcon was first launched in 2008. It features two separate cockpits for a pilot and a passenger. Cruise speed of the Super Falcon is between 2 - 6 knots and it has a maximum operating depth of 304 meters (1000 feet) below sea level.

The production version of the Super Falcon has 24 percent less frontal area than the prototype version and 32 percent less volume. Weighing a little over half the weight of most conventional 2-seat submersibles, and with its compact dimensions the DeepFlight Super Falcon is ideally suited for operation from super yachts or shorebase.

U nlike all conventional submersibles which use ballast to get heavy and sink, DeepFlight Super Falcon is positively buoyant with auto return to the surface providing an additional level of safety for the occupants.

The standard configuration is 2-person in-line, but the craft can be custom-built in 3 or 4-person versions (in-line or side-by side), and can be reconfigured to fit various deck spaces/garages. The front cockpit is typically the primary pilot position; but both cockpits have a full set of controls, so that the craft can be flown from either position.

Super Falcon is equipped with highly advanced piloting, navigational and life support electronics, including a heads-up combined graphics navigation, fly-by-wire (fingertip) controls and digital display.

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