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BMW 850 CSi

The BMW 8 series was a stunning and distinctive 2+2 coupe which was offered with a range of V8 and V12 engine sizes. During its time it sat near the top of BMW's product range, and respect for the car still remains high even years after production ceased.

Rather heavy for its size, the 8 series is sometimes critised for this flaw. However as a long distance tourer not many cars can compete with the 8 series. However it should be remembered that this is no nimble sports car, more a mile eating luxury car with buckets of style and character.

External review by: anonymous
While the 850CSi is considered the most desirable of the 8-Series lineup, the most overlooked and perhaps the most under valued of all 8-Series is perhaps the 1997 BMW 840Ci. The 850CSi equipped with the V-12 is smooth but under powered for its size and displacement. The 850's V-12 were plagued with overly complicated mechanicals, including the dual ignition, duel fuel delivery, duel...well, duel everything including the cost of yearly maintenance for a car that is now approaching 15 years old.

The 1997 840Ci equipped with the M62B44 V-8 (non-VANOS) is a far more practical and prudent alternative. It is a tried and true V-8 used in the 5 Series and 7 Series lineup of the day. Best for those seeking the top-of-the-line 8-Series to choose the 1997 840Ci. Keep in mind that the 1997 is the last year in which the car was exported to the USA. The 1998 & 1999 840's were considered Grey Market cars sold in very limited numbers in Europe and Canada only but really, they were "left-overs" from the 1997 production run.

A used 8-Series today are absolute bargains for the top-of-the-line BMW of the day and like the 507's produced in the 1950's in very limited numbers, the 8-Series were a loss-leader for BMW due to their excessive production costs and development.

Be prepared to spend $15,000--$20,000 US Dollars for a decent 840Ci.

External review by: anonymous
I bought one of the first BMW 840ci sport cars, taking delivery at the beginning of February 1997, it cost around 67,000GBP back then. My big problem with it were the front & rear low aprons, they were always getting caught on something and the onboard computer which drains the battery if left standing for a couple of weeks.

The colour of my car is Orient Blue, a beautiful, midnight navy metalic finish. I didn't like the standard dark grey interior so had mine custom finished with the softer beige colour leather, I think it looks so much nicer. I also had an alternative BMW alloy wheel to the spoke kind so my car is truly a one off and much admired, mainly by men.

I haven't driven it now for a couple of years since my dogs prefer the Landcruiser but I couldn't part with the BMW since it is worth so little now. It still has under 100,000 on the clock and one of these days I fully intend to get it on the road again just for the pleasure of the drive.

ENGINE: 5.6 litre V12
TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual RWD
MAX SPEED: 196 mph (155 mph limited)
0-60 MPH: 5.5 seconds
HORSEPOWER: 380 hp @ 5,200 rpm
WEIGHT: 1,975 kgs / 4,355 lbs



BMW 850 CSi

BMW 850 CSi

BMW 850 CSi
BMW 850 CSi