Aston Martin DBC Supercar Concept

The Aston Martin DBC concept is the work of Samir Sadikhov, an Azerbaijani designer who studied at the Istituto Europeo Di Design in Italy, has completed work experience at Lamborghini, and came second in the international Ferrari World Design Contest. So a guy well placed to have a go at reinventing an all-new halo car for Aston Martin. Especially now the One-77 is out of production.

The Aston Martin DBC concept is a stunning machine whatever way you look at it. It’s lower, sleeker and more purposeful-looking than any production Aston Martin. It looks more suited to doing serious battle with the new McLaren P1, than slowly cruising up and down Monaco’s high street.

Cleverly Sadikov has avoided making the DBC too much like current Aston Martins, while still taking care to make sure it looks like it belongs to the brand. Personally I’m particularly keen on the neat and unfussy rear of the car.

Aston Martin DBC

The mid-engine layout of the DBC concept would be a first for Aston Martin, and while the concept was primarily intended to just be a bit of design fun, Sadikov has made sure the concept is also feasible in the real world.



  1. Very well-designed. The low, sleek body and crisp curves are great, and it even shares some DNA from the One-77. The tail lights look a little like them, but in a new way. A worthy replacement for the One-77 in any case.

  2. It just seems so obvious and uncreative though. Yes it does look good, well the front does at least. But I think every designer probably designs a rear engine aston the same way they all design a front engine lambo. Aston doesn’t make a rear engine car, I wonder what that would look like. Lambo doesn’t make a front engine car, I wonder what that would look like. I am losing interest more and more everyday with car design. It’s like no one knows how to be original anymore. No one cares. The roof lines are all the same. The rear fenders are all the same. The wheels, the tail lights. It’s all the same. These guys have great skills when it comes to rendering but no one has new ideas anymore. DOn’t you all see it? OR are you too busy staring at your damn iphones?

    • man all cars are equal in that point of view. I agree with you that creativity is dead and all that could seem original is unrealizable, but you can’t say that are ugly. This car is perfect, simply automotive design is following a path, like happened in ’50s, in ’30 or whatever year: I mean in 1920 too car where all equals. Car design follows what people want, and if people wants only the same shit it’s normal that all is the same. Be original it’s a huge risk: you have only the 1% of probability of success: so manifacturers prefers to stay all in the same lane and don’t waste money. There’re several examples of original projects that blowed up in nothing: Citroen C6, Pontiac Aztek, Fiat multipla are some and you can understand the end the’ve made.

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