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EDAG LUV concept

EDAG LUV concept

EDAG LUV concept
Model LUV
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine 6.1 litre

The EDAG LUV (Luxury Utility Vehicle) concept went on show at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show.

The styling of the LUV is distinctly nautical in appearance. But the maritime design of the “EDAG LUV” is just the covering for a modular concept which makes it possible to turn vehicles into derivatives or niche vehicles at reasonable expenditures of time and money. In coming up with their shell concept, the EDAG team of engineers, headed by project manager Andreas Funk, set themselves the goal of using the greatest possible number of carry-over parts. The group can certainly be proud of the results of the intelligent module concept: 90% of the parts required to perform the metamorphosis of a luxury-class SUV into the “EDAG LUV” come off the parts shelf of the basic vehicle.

The design is obviously targeted at the rich business person as the EDAG LUV concept has two UMPCs (UltraMobile PCs) into the headrests, bringing the PC world into the vehicle. The user can use a specially developed mechanism to insert the fully operational PCs easily into the headrests. Passengers in the rear seat can use their Office applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word in the vehicle, plus WLAN and UMTS provide them with Internet access, enabling them to download and answer their e-mails during the trip. Furthermore, integrated Webcams even make it possible to hold Net meetings during the trip.

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