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Panoz Abruzzi

Limited edition supercar

WallyPower 118

Dramatic, minimalist superyacht

MG GT Concept

Modern-day MGB GT concept

Alperta TULPAR

The Alperta TULPAR is a design proposal for a VW Beetle-based supercar. The vehicle has been styled using a 1974 Super Beetle as a starting point. However that's where the connection with the past ends, as mounted in the rear is a modern twin-turbocharged flat-6 engine (probably of Porsche origin) which produces upwards of 500 horsepower.

The styling of the Alperta TULPAR has much more in common with both the original and current generations of the Volkswagen Beetle than the other "Beetle-based" supercar, the Porsche 911. Continue

Douglas C-74 Globemaster

The Douglas C-74 Globemaster was a large transport aircraft developed for the US military during the latter part of the second world war - although its first flight was actually a few weeks after the war ended.

The Douglas C-74 Globemaster was born out of a need for a long distance heavy transport aircraft which military planners thought would be vital to help carry heavy weapons and troops to combat areas across the Pacific ocean towards Japan. Continue

Chevrolet FNR

The Chevrolet FNR is a far-future concept vehicle developed in Shanghai by General Motor's Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center.

Far from being a preview of a production car, the Chevrolet FNR is more of a sci-fi vehicle which showcases a number of advanced technologies. Some of which would be possible today, others are more speculative. Continue

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Bertone Barchetta

Futuristic two-seat sports car

Lamborghini Cala

V10-powered supercar concept

Chrysler EcoVoyager

Hydrogen fuel cell concept car

a.d. Tramontana R

Tandem seat Spanish supercar

Ferrari 288 GTO

Predecessor of the F40

Spada Codatronca TS

Stealth jet inspired rare supercar

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