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Lobini H1

Brazilian-made sports car

Martin Marietta X-24A

Lifting-body aircraft prototype

Mercedes-Benz F-400

Agile and dynamic concept car

Renault Laguna Concept

The Renault Laguna concept which the French company rolled out at the 1990 Paris Motor Show was a dramatic and futuristic sports car styled by an up and coming designer, Jean-Pierre Ploue, who would later go on to become the design director at PSA-Peugeot-Citroen.

The Renault Laguna concept has nothing in common with the rather run of the mill production Renault Laguna which would appear shortly after. Instead it was intended to be an attention grabbing dream car which would inject some excitement into the company. Continue

Kamov Ka-22 Vintokryl "Hoop" Helicopter

The Kamov Ka-22, which went by the Nato reporting name "Hoop", was an experimental heavy-lift helicopter developed by the Soviet union in the 50's and '60s. The aircraft's nickname was the Vintokryl, or "screw wing". It was designed to offer the same vertical take-off and landing capabilities as a helicopter, combined with the superior speed and range of a fixed-wing aircraft.

The Kamov Ka-22 helicopter was designed by Valdimir Barshevsky. He drew up plans in the early 1950s for an unusual helicopter/airplane combination, and by 1954 the Soviet military requested three prototypes of the kA-22. Unfortunatelydue to lengthy delays in the project, by 1956 the request had been reduced to just a single aircraft, and this didn't take to the air until 1959. Continue

Jeep Chief Concept

The Jeep Chief concept was a concept vehicle developed by Jeep for the 2015 Easter Jeep Safari. The concept was one of seven special Jeep's the company created for the event, each one celebrating a different Jeep tradition or model. The Jeep Chief Concept was designed as a tribute to the classic 1970s full-size Jeep Cherokee.

Based on a modern Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep Chief concept features retro-inspired bodywork, as well as a mild custom look influenced by the west coast surfer lifestyle. Custom exterior design cues include a chopped roof, Ocean Blue paintwork with complimenting white roof and pinstripe, a razor grille and halogen headlights, chrome bumpers and '70s style slotted mag wheels. The concept is also fitted with a 2-inch lift kit, Fox shocks, front and rear Dana 44 axles and a cold air intake. Continue

Bertone Barchetta

Futuristic two-seat sports car

Lamborghini Cala

V10-powered supercar concept

Chrysler EcoVoyager

Hydrogen fuel cell concept car

a.d. Tramontana R

Tandem seat Spanish supercar

Ferrari 288 GTO

Predecessor of the F40

Spada Codatronca TS

Stealth jet inspired rare supercar

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