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Mercedes-Benz C112

V12-powered supercar prototype

Volkswagen Aqua

VW hovercraft concept

LeBlanc Mirabeau

V8-powered supercar

Citroen SpaceTourer HYPHEN

The Citroen SpaceTourer HYPHEN concept is a show vehicle designed to promote the company's new SpaceTourer MPV model. The concept was designed with the help of French electric pop group HYPHEN HYPHEN - hence the name and eye-searing interior.

Aside from some cosmetic 'enhancements' the Citroen SpaceTourer HYPHEN is relatively unchanged in comparison to the regular production model - of which there will be three variants, including a 9-seater model. Continue

Piasecki X-49 "SpeedHawk"

The Piasecki X-49, nicknamed the SpeedHawk, is an experimental helicopter currently still under development by Piasecki Aircraft as part of a U.S. Navy sponsored project. The Piasecki X-49 is classified as a compound helicopter, as in addition to its main rotor it also has a rotor which provides forward thrust.

The X-49 was developed to explore ways to improve the range, performance and load carring capabilities of the U.S. military's UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. As such, the X-49 is based on a production Black Hawk airframe. Extensive modifications have been made to the aircraft, including the addition of a third engine, an extended cabin, rear propeller and shroud, stubby wings protruding from the fuselage, and modifications to the fly-by-wire control system to account for the significant changes in the helicopter's layout. Continue

Vauxhall GT Concept

The Vauxhall GT concept (or Opel GT if you're in continental Europe) is a futuristic proposal for a compact sports coupe. The design of the Vauxhall GT concept is clearly aimed at the more youthful end of the market, underscored by the fact it was revealed alongside BMX and skateboard riding models.

The concept is extremely streamlined, there aren't any door handles, door mirrors, or even side windows. It gives the appearance of being milled out of a solid chunk of metal.

Opel Manta Concept

The Opel Manta concept revives one of the most iconic names in European muscle car history. The original Manta was something of a legend, it looked good on the road, and it performed even better on the track, especially if that track happened to be a rally stage.

The styling of the new Opel Manta concept is a far cry from that of the original. It's much more adventurous and dramatic. Up front the concept features highly stylized LED lights and a deeply recessed grille.

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Datsun 240Z Concept

Modern-take on the iconic Z car

Cadillac Cien

V12-powered supercar concept

Volkswagen Concept R

Stylish sports car concept

Gumpert Tornante

Italian-designed, German-built car

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

Rally homologation special

Panoz Esperante GTLM

V8-powered American sports car

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