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ERA Electric RaceAbout

ERA Electric RaceAbout

ERA Electric RaceAbout

ERA Electric RaceAbout

ERA Electric RaceAbout

ERA Electric RaceAbout
Make Electric RaceAbout
Model ERA
Concept year 2008
Production year -
Engine electric in-wheel motors

The ERA (Electric RaceAbout) is a project by Helsinki Polytechnic and a multitude of automotive companies and organizations providing support and cooperation.

The ERA is, as the name suggests, an electric powered sports vehicle. The Electric RaceAbout is designed to accept the latest technology in electric powertrain and battery systems, as well as light-weight manufacturing techniques.

The exterior design of the ERA was undertaken by the Institute of Design, Lahti Polytechnic. The ERA is based on the lightweight aluminium chassis of the Audi R8. Driving the concept are 4 in-wheel electric motors powered by Li-Ion (Fe) battery packs weighing 350 - 570 kgs. Helsinki Polytechnic estimate this setup will give the ERA a 0-60 mph time of under 5 seconds and a top speed in the area of 120 mph. The batteries should give the ERA a 180+ mile range.

The ultimate target of the ERA project is to reach low volume production, and the vehicle is designed accordingly. The Lithium batteries, full carbon fibre body and 4 electric motors (one motor per wheel) lead to a high financial cost which Helsinki Polytechnic belive the market can bear in limited quantities.

The Electric RaceAbout (ERA) is an entrant in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize Competition. A competition to create a super-efficient marketable vehicle that will achieve 100 MPG.

ERA features:

- Target weight 1250 kg / 2755 lbs

- Four wheel drive

- Advanced, next generation stability control

- Optimal weight distribution & very low centre of gravity

- Fuel consumption < 2,35 l/100 km

- composite monocoque

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