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GM Car Hero

GM Car Hero

GM Car Hero interior

GM Car Hero
Make GM
Model Car Hero
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine -

The 'Car Hero' is General Motors entry for the 2009 Design Challenge held by the LA Auto Show. For 2009 the competitors were asked to design a vehicle for 2030 which would appeal to generation Z - a group brought up with gaming consoles, cell phones and other mobile gadgetry.

The GM Car Hero combines gaming and social networking with real-life driving. It turns driving into gaming and challenges your skills against the car's autonomous system. Imagine a gaming experience which can actually teach a beginner to drive or challenge the experiencedů whether you're a lowbie or a legend, Car Hero takes "getting there" to a whole new level.

Getting started is easy. Just enter your destination into the navi app on your smart phone and the car takes care of the rest. It lets you "play along" and try to match the skill level of the system. As you get better, the Car Hero "unlocks" vehicle control to the point where the autonomous system is overridden and you're in complete control.

This is where things get interesting. As the Car Hero gamer demonstrates skill and mastery, the vehicle's "transmorphable" architecture turns up the intensity by creating an increasingly challenging driving experience. Car Hero's configuration rewards your skills by gradually changing from a four, to three, to the ultimate challenge, a single wheeled vehicle. Your talent determines how outrageous it gets and where it lets you go.

The vehicle also features P2P applications like "Friends Drive" where anyone can come along for a digital joyride, think of it as Twitter with wheels.

The GM Car Hero concept is a refreshingly ingenious idea. It may not be practical, it may not even be feasible - however far in the future. But one thing is certain. It explores entirely new ways of providing transport - and that's exactly what a concept car should do.

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