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Acura DN-X concept car

Acura DN-X concept car

Acura DN-X concept car

Acura DN-X concept car

Acura DN-X concept car interior
Make Acura
Model DN-X
Concept year 2002
Production year -
Engine V6 and electric hybrid

The Acura DN-X was revealed at the 2002 New York Auto Show. The Acura DN-X was a mid-engine, all-wheel-drive, four-door sports car concept fitted with highly advanced electrical systems which previewed production technology.

The Acura DN-X concept was fitted with a 400 horsepower hybrid powertrain that combines a high-output, 3.5-liter, DOHC, i-VTEC V6 engine driving the rear wheels and an electric Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system that provides additional power to all four wheels.

During acceleration, the electrical drivetrain provides additional torque, resulting in both lower fuel consumption and faster acceleration. The electric drivetrain is recharged by regenerative braking, making an external electric power supply unnecessary.

Acura fitted the DN-X concept with drive-by-wire systems that control throttle, brake and steering functions and eliminate the need for mechanical connections. Steer-by-wire utilizes two actuators in the car's front corners that receive input from the control module and turn the front wheels accordingly. Likewise, the electro-mechanical (EMB) brake-by-wire system, replaces the hydraulic system with electronic controls and actuators.

Lane Keeping Assistance uses tv cameras to recognize when the Acura DN-X is veering out of its lane. On a highway, these cameras detect the lane markings and, if the car veers out of its lane, an audible and visual warning occurs and the steering automatically re-centers the car in its lane.

The Adaptive Cruise Control system uses sensors to keep the DN-X a safe distance from the car in front of it by controlling the accelerator and brake as needed. Laser radar tracks the speed and distance of the vehicle in front and maintains the DN-X's speed accordingly.

The instrument panel of the DN-X, featuring interactive voice-recognition, is divided into three, easy-to-read units. A pop-up display in the center console provides access to e-mail, Internet and cellular telephone service. The LCD screen also shows navigation information from the Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System.

Housed in the center display, located just below the windshield to minimize driver distraction, is a navigation section that indicates upcoming turns as well as the presence of objects in the roadway detected by the vehicle's Night Vision System.

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