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Alfa Romeo Nuvola

Alfa Romeo Nuvola concept car

Alfa Romeo Nuvola concept car
Make Alfa Romeo
Model Nuvola
Concept year 1996
Production year -
Engine 2.5 litre V6

The Alfa Romeo Nuvola concept from

The Nuvola was designed by the same man responsible for the Alfa GTV
the 1996 Paris Motor Show was a front engined sports coupe with classic proportions and a longitudinally mounted 300 bhp V6. With a 6-speed manual gearbox the Nuvola was capable of reaching 174 mph. The 'Nuvola' name was a tribute to one of the greatest Italian Grand Prix drivers of all time, Tazio Nuvolari.

The Alfa Romeo Nuvola concept was similar in size to the Alfa Romeo GTV. Both the GTV and Nuvola were designed by the same man, Walter de Silva, and both cars feature twin recessed headlights positioned either side of the small triangular Alfa grille.

Inside the Nuvola concept the classical theme continued with the interior trimmed in bare metal and leather, a wood-rimmed steering wheel with polished spokes suits the design perfectly.

Unfortunatley the flowing, rounded design of the Nuvola was never taken to production and the car remained a concept. On the upside however, the equally gorgeous Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione concept from 2003 went into production in 2007.

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