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Audi AR-1

Audi AR-1

Audi AR-1

Audi AR-1
Audi AR-1
Make Audi
Model AR-1
Concept year designed for the year 2015
Production year -
Engine -

The design of the Audi AR-1 is influenced by knots
The Audi AR-1 concept was one of the vehicles displayed at the 2008 Hongik University degree show. Hongik University is located in Seoul, South Korea.

For the graduating class of 2008 the thesis was to design the next generation of luxury sedans for their chosen brand.

The Audi AR-1 was designed by Youngmoo Kim. It was created for the year 2015 and the styling was partially influenced by the shape of a knot. The only real clue to the fact it is an Audi design is the large single, central grille which has been updated with a more angular appearance. At the very rear of the AR-1 a panel similar in shape to the grille has been integrated inbetween the taillights.

The curvaceous windscreen and continuous pillarless appearance of the sideglass coupled with the thick c-pillars are a particularly successful part of the AR-1's design. In effect it gives the appearance that the roof is suspended only from the rear.

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