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Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar

Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar

Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar

Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar

Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar

Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar
Make Audi
Model e-tron Detroit Showcar
Concept year 2010
Production year -
Engine electric

The Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar was, unsurprisingly, the version of the e-tron electric supercar which was displayed at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show.

The first e-tron model was originally unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, while at the LA Auto Show a slightly revised version was displayed. The Detroit Showcar e-tron is however the first to significantly deviate from the original design, and the resulting car is an obvious improvement. Whereas the original e-tron had a remarkable resemblance to the R8, the Detroit Showcar e-tron has its own distinct character.

The lines of the Detroit Showcar Audi e-tron are noticeably more curvaceous and graceful than the previous version. When these proportions and contours are coupled with the multi-spoke alloy wheels the car almost takes on a retro-classic appearance. The trapeze of the single-frame grille dominates the distinctly wedge-shaped front end and is flanked by two large air intakes. The top of the grille merges into the flat strips of the adaptive matrix beam headlight modules with their clear glass covers. All light units use ultra-efficient LED technology.

The headlights are the core of a fully automatic light assistance system that reacts flexibly to any situation. The new technology recognizes weather conditions and adapts the illumination to rain or fog. The technology at the heart of the light assistance system is a camera that works together with a fast computer to detect oncoming traffic, recognize lanes and measure visibilities, such as in the event of fog.

The Detroit Showcar e-tron has an aluminium architecture which results in a relatively low weight - for an electric car - of 1,350 kgs (2,976 lbs), and when coupled with the four-wheel-drive system and 204 hp from the two electric motors the 0-60 mph sprint comes in at just 5.9 seconds. After a full charge (which takes 11 hours) the e-tron has a 155 mile range. The top speed is limited to 124mph, as the amount of energy required by the electric motors increases disproportionately to speed.

The heat pump, too – which made its first appearance in an automobile on the Audi e-tron concept car shown in Frankfurt – helps to boost efficiency and range. Unlike a combustion engine, the electric drive system generally does not produce enough waste heat to effectively heat the interior. Other electric vehicles are equipped with electric supplemental heaters, which consume a relatively large amount of energy. The heat pump used by Audi – and commonly used in buildings – is a highly efficient machine that uses mechanical work to provide heat with a minimum input of energy.

A high-efficiency climate control system is used to cool the interior. It works together with the thermal management system to also control the temperature of the high-voltage battery. This is because the battery, power electronics and electric motors must be kept at their respective ideal operating temperatures to achieve optimal performance and range.

The interior of the Detroit Showcar e-tron has also been redesigned - however the changes are far more subtle. The door panels have been reshaped, and the instrument surround extended to provide some shade to the gauges. Color and trim have also been changed but essentially the basic structure has been left in place.

There's been no word from Audi yet on whether the Detroit Showcar e-tron is a preview of an upcoming production model. But considering the technology which has been developed for the car, and how intensively Audi is working on the project it's got a very good chance of directly affecting the company's future electric vehicle product range.

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