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Audi Makaon Speedsailor

Audi Makaon Speedsailor

Audi Makaon Speedsailor

Audi Makaon Speedsailor

Audi Makaon Speedsailor

Audi Makaon Speedsailor

Audi Makaon Speedsailor
Make Audi
Model Makaon Speedsailor
Concept year 2009
Production year 2040 (theoretical)
Engine wind-powered

The Audi Makaon is a wind powered two-seat race car
The Audi Makaon Speedsailor is a radical and innovative concept which was developed by Björn Wehrli. Wehrli is a German designer who graduated from the University of Art Braunschweig, he also studied at the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden before undertaking a series of internships at Toyota, Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi.

The Audi Makaon was conceived for a theoretical (but realistic) future scenario set around the year 2040.

In this future, the effects of global warming have meant that vehicle manufacturers have had to look to a variety of alternative and renewable energy sources. One way in which companies can show off their green credentials is to support and sponsor racing series in which the vehicles are powered by natural energy sources like wind and the sun. Audi decides to provide support for a land-sailing race series - and the Makaon SpeedSailor is the result.

The Makaon features a two seat layout which allows for a dedicated driver and a sailor. The symbiosis of driver and sailor is designed to provide a perfect interaction to maximize energy efficiency. The seating compartment can swing outward to either the left or right in order to balance the vehicle when in strong winds. The sail position varies with angle to the wind direction and its shape is inspired by record sail boats.

A small solar powered airship which tracks and follows the Makaon's movements is designed to assist the driver by relaying on-track information. This airship drone also features a camera and sensors which can be used for recording the race and overall vehicle performance.

In order to improve both speed and handling, the Makaon was designed to be as light as possible. The sleek and low shape looks unlike any other vehicle, yet Wehrli has still managed to add a number of styling cues which help mark it out as an Audi product.

Björn Wehrli Portfolio

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