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Bertone Karisma

Bertone Karisma

Bertone Karisma
Make Bertone
Model Karisma
Concept year 1994
Production year -
Engine 3.6 litre flat-six cylinder

The Bertone Karisma which debuted at the 1994 Geneva Motor Show was an unusual prototype based on a Porsche 911 platform.

The Karisma was a four seat saloon car which featured two large full-length gullwing doors, one on either side.

The open interior and flat floor of the Karisma was made possible due to the rear mounted engine and the lack of a center console or transmission tunnel. The 3.6 litre flat-six cylinder engine produced 250 horsepower and allowed for a 150 mph top speed.

Stylewise the Karisma could hardly be described as a pretty or stylish car. But one thing it did have in abundance was originality. Rear-engined, gullwing door, four-seat saloons with plenty of interior space don't come along too often.

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