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Bravo Motor Company Nach 1 concept car

Bravo Motor Company Nach 1 concept car

Bravo Motor Company Nach 1 concept car

Bravo Motor Company Nach 1 concept car
Make Bravo Motor Company
Model Nach 1
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine Tritec 1400cc

The Nach 1 is a concept for a fun 3-seater sports car from Argentinean firm Bravo Motor Company, headed by Miguel Angel Bravo.

The Nach 1 is essentially a fusion between a city car and a buggy. The idea was to mix different kinds of uses for different kinds of environments and landscapes. Off-road it could be a fun dune-buggy, and on-road a semi-practical city-car. To do both duties the Nach 1 is fitted with height adjustable pneumatic suspension.

The Nach 1 is built from lightweight materials including aluminium for the chassis, rotomoulded Polyethylene for the body, and Makrolon for the clear cockpit.

The light overall weight of the Bravo Motor Company Nach 1, only 600kg (1322 lbs), combined with a 163 horsepower 1400cc engine means the Nach 1 should be capable of satisfying most drivers needs.

The driver of the Nach 1 sits in a central position, with a further two seats positioned behind, all three seats have integrated audio speakers. This configuration not only improves the fun factor but it also allows the Nach 1 to utilise a tapering fighter-jet style canopy.

Other interesting features of the Nach 1 concept include the rear spoiler which when not in use retracts into the bodywork, and the removable canopy which can be detached leaving the passengers to enjoy the fresh air.

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