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Bugatti EB 218

Bugatti EB 218

Bugatti EB 218
Make Bugatti
Model EB 218
Concept year 1999
Production year -
Engine 6.3 litre W18

The Bugatti EB 218 concept was one of the stars of the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. The concept was a creation of Giorgetto Giugiaro and ItalDesign, who developed the EB 218 sedan concept from their Bugatti EB 118 coupe concept displayed the previous year.

The 6.3 litre W18 engine of the EB 218 developed 555 horsepower.
The Bugatti EB 218 concept was a luxury four-door sedan with subtle, yet opulent styling and a innovative powerplant. A lightweight aluminium space-frame was used for the chassis and body. The exterior was finished in a pearlescent paint called "Blu Notte Perlato".

The interior of the Bugatti EB 218 concept was, as expected, a nice place to find yourself. It was trimmed in the finest silk-finish leather and light walnut wood. The combination of neutral colors and exquisite materials oozed a sense of lavish indulgence.

Under the bodywork of the Bugatti EB 218 was a highly advanced drivetrain which included a permanent four-wheel-drive system, and a 6.3 litre W18 engine formed from three V6 engines mounted side-by-side in parallel. This unit produced 555 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque.

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