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Crysler Firepower

Chrysler Firepower

Chrysler Firepower interior
Make Chrysler
Model Firepower
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine 6.1 litre V8

The Chrysler Firepower is based on a Dodge Viper chassis, and it's not impossible to see a resemblance. Muscular rear arches, wide low and flat bonnet and a cockpit pushed to the extreme rear of the car.

The rear view, especially the taillights and boot lid, have a distinct Aston Martin vibe. This similarity is not by accident, both cars are intended as luxury tourers designed to compete in the same market. Although the Firepower would probably be termed 'the poor mans Aston Martin'.

The Firepower is an attractive and powerful concept, reaching 60 miles an hour in less than 4.5 seconds and continuing on to 175mph.

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