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Chrysler Phaeton

Chrysler Phaeton

Chrysler Phaeton

Chrysler Phaeton interior
Make Chrysler
Model Phaeton
Concept year 1997
Production year -
Engine 5.4 litre V12

Back in the mid-to-late 90s Chrysler was particularly fond of developing curvaceous, voluptuous concept cars that had an air of classic beauty about them. They produced a number of such concepts, including the Atlantic, the Chronos, and this, the Chrysler Phaeton. The Chrysler Phaeton's styling was actually inspired by the 1941 Chrysler Newport Phaeton.

The Chrysler Phaeton, unlike the Volkswagen Phaeton, actually lives up to its name. That's because the word 'Phaeton' - aside from being difficult to spell - is also used in formal automotive parlance to describe a four-door convertible.

One of the ideas behind the concept was to create a vehicle in which the rear seat passengers would feel especially important. There were even instrument gauges located on a panel behind the front seats so those in the back could keep an eye on the driver's performance. The front and rear compartments also had their own separate media systems and climate control. All the occupants enjoyed soft, pillowy leather seats, and the high-quality trim was a mix of woven leather inserts, satin metal highlights and Zebrano wood accents.

Powering the Chrysler Phaeton was a 5.4 litre V12 which produced 425 horsepower. The transmission was 4-speed auto which drove the rear wheels.

Oddly, for a car designed to waft its occupants down the road in unhurried and self-important grace, the suspension system of the Phaeton was derived from that of the manic first-generation Dodge Viper.

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