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Concept Climax

Concept Climax

Concept Climax
Make Concept Climax Ltd
Model Climax
Concept year 2006
Production year -
Engine ethanol 4 cylinder

Concept Climax Ltd was formed in 2005 by three Automotive design students from Coventry University (UK). They believed that environmentally friendly power should not be confined to use in small, boring city cars and set about designing a 'green' sports car.

The Concept Climax was inspired by the Cooper Climax F1 car from the 1950's and is a "modern take on a British sports car, designed with the motoring enthusiast in mind". However there is a practical side to the Climax and it has been equipped with enough storage space for a weekend away.

One interesting feature of the Concept Climax is a programmable ECU which the driver can calibrate for use on the road or track via their lap top computer - or as the company likes to call it "Climax Control".

Performance for the ethanol fueled lightweight roadster is rapid. A projected 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds and a 160 mph top speed are claimed from the 270 horsepower, 256 lb/ft 4 cylinder coupled to a 5 speed manual.

The Concept Climax features:
- A composite body
- Adjustable aero screen
- Front and side impact structures
- Adjustable aerodynamics
- Rear diffuser
- Retractable roll bar
- Custom paint
- Flip up mirrors
- Composite race seat
- Heated interior components
- Four point race harness
- Adjustable passenger foot brace

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