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Daihatsu Basket

Daihatsu Basket

Daihatsu Basket

Daihatsu Basket interior
Make Daihatsu
Model Basket
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine 660cc 3 cylinder

The Daihatsu Basket is a quirky little back-to-basics concept car which was first revealed at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

The Basket is a multi-configuration minicar with incredibly bland styling. Many manufacturers use retro influences for their vehicles, but I think the Basket is the first vehicle to use the square lines of cars from the early nineties as inspiration. Others may see similarites with the Mini Moke or Citroen Mehari - but either way it's ugly.

The interior isn't much better and the only even slightly interesting elements are the fabric covered dash and steering wheel centre. The roof comes in two separate sections, covering the driver and front seat passenger is a removable fibreglass roof, while the rear passengers have to make do with a canvas roof.

While most manufacturers have gone the hybrid or full-electric route for their fuel efficient vehicles, Daihatsu has decided to perfect small displacement internal combusion engines. The drivetrain of the Daihatsu Basket consists of a 660cc three-cylinder engine from the Daihatsu Mira. This is connected to a 4WD transmission giving the Basket some minor off-road potential.

Source: Daihatsu

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