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Ferrari Concept 2008 by Luca Serafini

Ferrari Concept 2008 by Luca Serafini

Ferrari Concept 2008 by Luca Serafini
Make Ferrari
Model Concept 2008
Concept year 2008
Production year -
Engine V8

Luca Serafini, a designer based in Modena, Italy produced this concept as a theoretical replacement for the Ferrari F430. Working independently from Ferrari, Serafini created the Ferrari Concept 2008 as a computer model. Proposed power for the concept could come from a mid-mounted V8, like the F430.

When designing the Ferrari Concept 2008 Serafini looked at classic Ferrari models in order to come up with an original design which differed from the current cars, while also being instantly identifiable as a Ferrari. From almost every angle the concept is distinctly Ferrari-esque. However the large oval grille, while attractive, is more akin to a Maserati grille than a Ferrari unit.

Overall the Ferrari Concept 2008 is an impressive design, superior in many ways to the 2008 Ferrari California, a production model which was unveiled at almost the same time.

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