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Fuore BlackJag concept

Fuore BlackJag concept

Fuore BlackJag concept
Make Fuore
Model BlackJag
Concept year 2004
Production year -
Engine 7.0 litre V10

Fuore, an independent design studio based in Barcelona, created the Fuore Blackjag concept first seen at the 2004 Geneva motor show. It was an attempt to unite Formula 1 essence with Jaguar's long standing tradition of quality luxury sportscars.

The aptly named BlackJag's black paintwork is highlighted with silver trim and accents, the shark gill intakes behind the door best emphasize this, as do the mirrors.

The Fuore BlackJag is not immediately recognizable as a Jaguar concept as it does not display the classic Jaguar lines associated with the marque, at first glance it is comparable to modern Italian sportscars, possibly influenced by the fact the concept was built in Turin. However if Jaguar were to accept the design their substantial influence would surely creep in.

The Fuore BlackJag is powered by a monstrous 640 bhp 7 litre V10 positioned amidships giving the concept an impressive top speed of 210 miles an hour.

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