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1978 Ghia Action concept car

1978 Ghia Action concept car

1978 Ghia Action concept car
Make Ghia (by Ford)
Model Action
Concept year 1978
Production year -
Engine F1 derived V8

During the 1970s any supercar maker with any self respect was pumping out wedge shaped products at full speed.

Ford decided to get in on the wedge-tastic action in the late 70s and commissioned their European design department Ghia to develop a supercar prototype with distinctly angular proportions.

The resulting vehicle was this, the Ghia Action. When looking at the Action it's hard to imagine a vehicle which has dated worse - although it does not give off a kind of retro-chic vibe today.

The unique razor sharp bodywork was based over a rather mundane Ford Escort chassis, however the power - which came from a mid-mounted F1 derived V8 engine was anything but boring.

The Ghia Action never made it past the prototype stage - not surprising when you consider the sheer insanity of the stylists.

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