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GT Crossover

GT Crossover

GT Crossover

GT Crossover

GT Crossover
Make -
Model GT Crossover
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine electric

The GT Crossover was a concept vehicle developed by Sam Johnson during his final year at Coventry University studying Transport Design.

The GT Crossover was designed to take the Sport Utility Vehicle segment into new territory. Currently most SUV's are designed to handle off-road terrain, or at least look like they can go through some dirt. However the vast majority will never leave suburbia, and the GT Crossover was developed with this fact in mind.

Johnson felt that over recent years Big 4x4s have become "soft roaders", loosing their off road capabilities in an attempt to become cheaper and more accessible to a wider market. And along the way no manufacturer has started the design process with a clean approach, by taking the sport utility vehicle in a literal sense.

The GT Crossover can be used as a city commuter vehicle during the week, costing as little as £3.00 ($5.00) to charge. While at the weekend it can play the part of a performance GT car.

The layout of the GT crossover is quite unique. The driver and passenger sit in a tandem formation and the cockpit is offset to the right of the vehicle. This asymmetric layout means that on the left side of the vehicle is space for a long storage area, large enough for a pair of surfboards or other bulky items.

The proposed drivetrain for the GT Crossover is a 190 horsepower (140 kW) electric motor. The projected range is 313 miles (501 km).

GT Crossover dimensions:
Length: 4500mm (14.7 feet)
Width: 1800mm (5.9 feet)
Height: 1380mm (4.5 feet)
Wheel base: 2880mm (9.4 feet)

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