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Honda Accord HF-S concept car

Honda Accord HF-S concept car

Honda Accord HF-S concept car
Make Honda
Model Accord HF-S
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine -

The Honda Accord HF-S concept from 2007 was based around the idea of customizable performance. The concept car was created by Honda's U.S. accessory development team to demonstrate how the car could be customized inside and out.

Almost every area of the Accord HF-S concept's bodywork has been tweaked to improve aerodynamic performance. The shape of the front bumper is designed to enhance high-speed aerodynamics and provide more cooling air to the engine. The rear diffuser helps to reduce drag, while the small rear spoiler (which is a prototype design) provides downforce at higher speeds.

The sinister grey metallic color of the Honda Accord HF-S concept has been matched with an orange color called 'Cadmium Orange Pearl', this is designed to highlight the cars high performance parts and features. It makes an appearance on the front grille, brake calipers and various interior surfaces.

Under the hood the Honda Accord HF-S features electronically adjustable throttle response, suspension settings, power steering strength, and traction control. The exhaust is also of interest. It uses a two stage system which keeps the noise levels low during regular cruising speeds and relaxed driving, but when the throttle is getting a real workout it raises the sound levels and emits a more sporting tone.

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