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Honda Fuya-Jo

Honda Fuya-Jo interior

Honda Fuya-Jo
Make Honda
Model Fuya-Jo
Concept year 1999
Production year -
Engine Hybrid

The wacky Honda Fuya-Jo concept was first shown in public at the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show, but it made appearances at international events up until 2002.

Now if there are two disciplines which - for a variety of reasons - shouldn't be combined, it's drinking and driving. Apparently Honda's designers missed that lecture though because the Fuya-Jo is designed with the 24 hour party scene in mind.

The whole interior of the Honda Fuya-Jo is designed to look like a nightclub. The dash layout is inspired by the shape of DJ turntables, and the floor has a non-slip, spill-proof covering. So if your vodka and coke go flying while you're trying to navigate a turn, there's no need to worry. Or if someone's had too much to drink and can't hold it in, you can always hose the interior out later. The low floor level also makes it perfect for drunks to crawl in.

The Fuya-Jo concept wasn't all about irresponsible fun though. Powering the vehicle was an eco-friendly hybrid drivetrain.

Stylewise the Fuya-Jo was striking and eye-catching, but not for the right reasons. As far as being a practical vehicle which could have made it to production, the Fuya-Jo was on a par with the Moller Skycar.

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