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Hyundai Greenspeed Gator open

Hyundai Greenspeed Gator

Make Hyundai
Model Greenspeed Gator
Concept year 2006
Production year -
Engine Fuel cell

The Hyundai Greenspeed Gator was one of the entrants into the 2006 Los Angeles Auto show's 'LA Adventure' design competition. A competition in which the participants chose an activity available in the southern California area, and then designed a vehicle for that purpose.

The Hyundai Gator is intended as a purely fictional interpretation of the future drag racer. Unlike the thirsty top fuel dragsters of old, the Greenspeed Gator is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell providing electricity for two huge electric motors housed in the large rear wheels.

The Gator's precarious looking low slung hammock-like seat is protected by an integrated roll cage and a center spline chassis.

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