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Model F8
Concept year 2010
Production year 2010
Engine gasoline, diesel or diesel/electric hybrid

IBEX Vehicles - a specialist off-road manufacturer based in the UK and founded by automotive engineer and off-road enthusiast John Foers in the mid 80s - have just released the first series of images and specifications on their latest creation.

The F8 is a development of the previous IBEX vehicle, and it's going into production this year.

The F8 features a custom made galvanized steel chassis which is incredibly strong and durable. Onto this is mounted the bodywork which consists of a mix of bonded aluminium panels, and removable composite panels. The front section of the vehicle features a clamshell opening mechanism to allow unhindered access to the engine bay.

The IBEX F8 also features as standard the company's patented center winch system. This allows for 360 degrees of towing recovery from a single, centrally mounted winch.

As you'd expect from such a rugged vehicle the F8's clearance angles are massive. 90 degrees front and rear. High sills and large wheel arches allow fitment of oversize tires.

The rear of the IBEX F8 can be changed from a pickup to a soft top, to a hard top, to a fast back quickly and easily thanks to the modular design.

The IBEX F8 will be offered with three drivetrain choices. Diesel and gasoline engines with manual or automatic transmissions at first, and later a diesel/electric version will be offered. This model would feature a small diesel generator, constantly charging the battery pack / capacitor. The generator can be removed from the vehicle and used as an on-site power source before being refitted for the return journey to base. The generator could be replaced with a stand alone battery pack for pure electric running. 4 In-hub electric motors would provide peak torque from zero rpm and be coupled with automatic traction control.

Source: IBEXvehicles

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