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Jeep Treo

Jeep Treo

Jeep Treo interior
Make Jeep
Model Treo
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine Fuel cell

The Jeep Treo (Treo meaning three in several different languages) is a 3 seater 2+1 configuration city/off-road vehicle. The fuel cell powered Treo has the classic Jeep front end with a seven slot grille flanked by two large round headlights.

The Jeep Treo's body is unusual in that it gets thinner towards the rear. On either side of the Treo's narrow tail section two spars jut out from the body work and act simultaneously as rear lights, cooling vents for the fuel cell and electric motors and mounting points for two Jeep Rubicon mountain bikes. Part of the design influence for the Treo comes from the Japanese cartoon animation form of 'anime'.

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