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Lexus LF-Ch

Lexus LF-Ch

Lexus LF-Ch

Lexus LF-Ch

Lexus LF-Ch interior

Lexus LF-Ch sketch

Lexus LF-Ch
Make Lexus
Model LF-Ch
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine hybrid

The Lexus LF-Ch is a premium compact car, and the first vehicle in this segment from Lexus.

The LF-Ch is a response to the fact Lexus has an aging ownership. The average age of Lexus owners is 56, and the company is keen to attract new and younger buyers while still retaining its core customers.

The LF-Ch is a great way of doing this. By creating a new model, rather than redesigning an existing model Lexus can draw new customers to the brand who might previously have over looked the company's offerings.

The styling of the Lexus LF-Ch uses the same sloped nose as all current Lexus model, but with a few more style lines and air vents thrown in for good measure. At the rear a new more adventurous style makes its way into the design of the tail lights and rear bumper.

The blacked out B-pillars and hidden rear door handles help create the look of a more sleek two-door coupe, while still retaining all the functionality of a full four-door car.

The interior of the LF-Ch concept has been designed around the driver. The driving position is low and well-supported, with a wide-grip steering wheel with paddle shift controls and an instrument binnacle housing large twin dials embellished with a turbine motif. The design of the seats was inspired by high quality furniture, with exposed metal frames, lightweight leather and grained black wood used in layers. The use of materials like leather, polished aluminium and wood helps give the interior that premium feel Lexus are looking for with the LF-Ch.

The Lexus LF-Ch features hybrid drivetrain which benefits from an electric-only driving capability. This feature of Lexus Hybrid Drive will allow the LF-Ch to travel in virtual silence while emitting zero emissions.

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